Rest in Peace, Vera B. Williams






“And THIS is how it grows.  First it makes a little sprout that grows up.  Then it makes a little root that grows down.  Then that root grows more and more roots till the ground is full of roots down here.  The sprout grows up to be a little trunk.  Branches grow up into the part that is sky.  The branches have dark pink buds on them.  The buds open up to be light pink flowers.  Then come light green leaves.  But it seems like there are never going to be any cherries….  And all the time, cherries will be growing right under these leaves, so tiny and green no one even notices them.  But I work hard….  Then one day I come out and the cherries are ripe.  There are so many cherries, the branches reach right down to the ground.  There are red cherries and dark red cherries and cherries such a deep red they are almost black.  Then the people come out the back door and the front door and down the steps.  There are enough cherries for every single one of them.  And even for their friends from Nairobi and Brooklyn, Toronto and St. Paul, who come down in airplanes.”

Thank you for all you contributed to children’s literature.  We will keep on growing cherry trees and sharing cherries with the whole world in your honor.

Rest in peace, Vera B. Williams.

(January 28, 1927 – October 16, 2015)