Favorite Read: Scooter by Vera B. Williams

Open Scooter and be prepared to enter Elana Rose Rosen’s brilliant and sensitive world– a celebration full of acute observations about her new apartment building in New York City, where she and her mother have recently moved.   Elana quickly befriends the other children in Melon Hill Houses, forming a close bond with Petey, a little boy who has selective mutism.  Perhaps Scooter could be read and enjoyed quietly, but Elana’s story is a story asking to be read aloud.  Elana brings joy and light to her life and the life of her community, even when she encounters her family’s poverty, the difficulties of urban living, and her parents’ divorce.  Be prepared to cry and to laugh as hard as you have in a long time.  Elana’s feelings– every one of them– are honest, alive, whip smart, and beautiful.  Never didactic, there is so much readers can learn from Elana’s appreciation of her world.  Vera B. Williams knew what she was doing, and with Scooter she has written a treasure to be cherished by children and grownups alike.