In Praise of Book Piles

Inspired by Librarian Travis Jonker’s blog post, The Top 10 Piles of Books At My House I snapped some pictures of the stacks of books interspersed throughout my apartment.  (These piles are in addition to the packed bookshelves in my tight living quarters.)


Here are ten piles of books keeping me company tonight.


1. One of three stacks of my children’s checked out library books.  (Notice a theme?)




2. The second stack of my children’s checked out library books.  Thank you, Brooklyn Public Library for the abundance of treasures!  (Believe it or not, I try to limit their check-outs because it is up to their mama and papa to figure out how to carry all of these books home without the help of a car.  I should really be thanking Brooklyn’s bus drivers for helping my children develop a passion for books.)




3. Yes, my children look through every single library book they insist on bringing home– well, almost every single book.  No matter!  Books make them happy.  Far be it for me to complain.




4. Sometimes all my holds come in at the same time!  My own unrealistically ambitious stack of library books for me-time reading:




5. The Papa Bear’s reading-while-cooking-for-our-family books:




6. And when he finally sits down at the end of the day, he reads from this pile:




7. Books we chose to read to the children before bed tonight:




8. A pile of one– the book that’s currently on my mind even when I don’t have much time for it.  My commuting-or-collapsing-on-the couch-at-night book for this week:




9. Sometimes we pretend to be arty, and oh, maybe someday I’ll write a play for the theater:




10. Lastly, potty reading for everyone: